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04 - Logo design for a friend



light beige background with an illustration of two hands in a black circle. The circle is surrounded with the text ‘Ine De Jaegher - MSc. Ost - Osteopaat’.
image showing font choice - black background with text that reads: ‘Averia Serif Libre’ - Regular.

Logo design for an befriended osteopathist who just graduated and started her own practice.

Ine, a friend of mine, just started her practice after graduating from her Master of Science in Osteopathy. She contacted me, sent me some inspiration and examples she found online to show which style she was looking for. I made some quick drafts and sketches and we began our design process.

background information

I really wanted to invest time and effort in this project since it's so close to home (we live in the same village). I searched for different fonts that seemed to fit with 'osteopathy' and her 'look and feel'. Eventually I ended up with 'Averia (Serif) Libre'. It's a font that made me think of the old scientific posters where body parts are explained and I really loved the 'ink' feeling of the font.

For the hands we wanted something realistic and detailed but still subtle. It took me a few hours and retakes to get it 'right', I finally was able to present the hands that made it to the final logo. For the colors we decided to match it with the interiour of the practice (off-white and black).