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03 - Traveltale


fitbit API



screenshot of the platform - at the top it reads ‘Cat Ba’, on the right two items ‘stappen’ with 10340 steps and ‘activiteiten’ with 0/3. 

Underneath it shows three ‘cards’ that advertise an activity - ‘fort van Cat Ba’, ‘Verken de binnenstad’, ‘Boottocht’.
Illustration in a yellow circle. Older lady with grey hair and a sweat band in her hair. She is working out with some weights.

"A digital travel platform that encourages eldery to move by creating an interactive travel experience with online and offline storytelling features." Travel tale is an online platform where elderly can experience different travel experiences, in exchange for real life steps - measured by their Fitbit.

This project had some challenging aspects. The first one being the specific target group: the elderly. About 80% of our research was about this group, how they handle technology, what characteristics they search for/ need and how to motivate them correctly. This lead to many design principles and challenges as well as some technological challenges. Which resulted in a customizable font-size and adjustable mobility level (in this way the currency will adjust to the level). The second one was connecting to the Fitbit API and receiving the data in real-time and adding the steps from the data to the already existing amount of steps in the database. But at the end we were pretty happy with our end result. :)

background information

The final assignment of our second year was to find an alternative to travelling - as we know today. When we got the assignment Covid-19 was fully present and our campus life was altered quite a bit. This also was the first time we had to make a fully functional project, team based. We had 4 - 5 weeks to create a concept, provide research on the concept/ user group/ core-functionalities, design and develop the entire concept. In the first two weeks we explored different concepts and performed research on these concepts. In week 3 we were still doing some research, while the wireframes and design were emerging and week 4 (+ a half) we began developing it. The roles of everyone on our team were quite clear from the start. We did research together and from then on we 'split'. We were with 4, Nand was our main researcher, Jelle was our main (motion) designer and Gaetan was our flebixle team member, he was 3/4 design and 1/4 development. My role was lead developer.

I oversaw the entire development process of our concept. We started out with a React project and made some small adaptations to make it a PWA (progressive web app), this way it's always available on desktop but provided the the convenience and feeling of a native app (downloadable). In order to provide an offline connection, we decided to use their steps taken as a currency. The platform was connected to their Fitbit account (via OAuth 2.0) so we could use real life data. In order to make certain actions the user had to use their steps (the currency), if the cost was higher than the amount of available steps they had to go for a walk and add steps to their account.

code snippet. This is a fragment from the RestService where different REST API calls are being handled, such as getAll, getById and create.