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02 - Ondersteboven van jou




gesture game

light orange background with an illustration of an open eye in the centre.
light orange background with text (in Dutch). Text reads: (title): ‘Hoe speel je dit spel?’. Numbered list follows: 1. ‘je hebt een webcam nodig’, 2. ‘Je moet een beetje verder van je scherm zitten (rechtstaan kan ook)’ and 3. ‘je geluid aanzetten. Zo hoor je wat je moet doen’.

Ondersteboven van jou - made for the JEF Festival. An interactive game within the festivaltheme 'upside down' (in Dutch: ‘being upside down with someone’ = 'ondersteboven zijn van iemand' = 'being crazy about someone').

‘Ondersteboven van jou’ is a gesture game for children around the age of 7 and is played by using your hands to collect hearts. When you’ve collected +/- 13 hearts, you win the game. 
Since there were a lot of uncertainties due to covid, I’ve also made an online alternative for the physical festival installation.

The online game is to be played at home, on your laptop. In the physical installation children would lay down and the screen would be placed above them. This to make the installation a bit more interesting and to emphasise the festivaltheme ‘upside down’. Watch a short walkthrough of the physical version (working prototype - not yet placed upside down) on vimeo.

This project was made using PoseNet (TensorFlow) and Phaser. To ensure a good integration between these two tools, I’ve written my own ‘plugin’ for this and written a Medium article about this as well.

background information

For the expert course ‘creative development’ we were given the assignment to create something for a client. We were introduced to the JEF Festival in the beginning of the semester as a possible client. For this we had to make an installation for the 33th edition of the JEF festival. Since it’s a youth festival, the target audience were children.

I’ve created a ‘love’ theme and animated different illustrations to make everything a bit more playful. This by creating sprites for each illustration since Phaser works perfectly with sprites. The whole game is supported by audio guidance to give the children some explanation and support throughout the game.

The online version can be played here:

code snippet. This is a fragment from different functions such as to handle the different keypoint coordinates and using the plugin to fetch the pose.