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01 - Geraakt






Black screen with three hands/ hand palms on the screen. In the centre the text reads (in Dutch) ‘duw diep een hand in en wordt geraakt’.
In the background a handpalm is being shown, underneath it the name ‘Salma’ reads. A silhouet of a hand is visible in front of the hand, as if the two hands are going to touch.

Geraakt” (or “touched”) is a team project where we worked together to create a concept, research, design and develop our suggested end product. We all worked together for the research phase (concept creation and research to support this idea) and then split regarding the design/ development. I took most interest in the physical installation since this was a combination of the Kinect V2 depth sensor, sort of projection mapping and making this work with Unity.

It took us a while to figure it out, but at the end the proces working with the depth sensor and using this in Unity to trigger other animations/ sound effects, really paid off. We also connected this installation to our Firestore database to be able to create an automatic waiting queue at the entrance of the installation. In the end we had a fully working installation that was open for visitors during the whole month of the Memento Woordfestival.

During the development phase, we changed and tested the functionalities a lot. From the size of the projection and the visuals to the ‘depth’ trigger with the kinect. It was a very iterative process with a nice end result.

background information

From January ‘till February 2021 Vanessa Bloes, Gaetan Ferhah and myself formed a team for our graduation/ bachelor project. During this periode we worked for the Memento Woordfestival in Kortrijk (BE).

“Geraakt” is our answer to the research question of Memento Woordfestival: “to present literary works digitally and immersive with the aim of creating an intimate encounter between participants and artists and as an incentive to kickstart the online community of Memento.”

In today's covid-society, everyone experiences a certain skin hunger, now more than ever. A desire to touch and be touched. “Geraakt” is an interactive installation that allows visitors and some authors of the collective “De Letterzetters” to come together again in an intimate way by touching each other's palms. This touch brings the auditory and visual release of word art.

The experience consists out of a combination of a physical installation and an online platform. In the physical installation, visitors experience the word art by touching an interactive canvas, while online visitors get to know the artists behind their word art. 1. In the physical installation, visitors can touch the palms of word artists on an interactive canvas during an intimate encounter. During this touch, the word art is released both auditory and with visual support. 2. Online visitors can get to know the three young word artists from the collective “De Letterzetters” in a personal way. Online visitors can discover every writer who is hidden behind the physical palm & the word art or actually the word artist “behind the canvas”.

In the background a handpalm is being shown into a fabric, underneath it the name ‘Oona’ reads. A hand is touching the fabric and the hand, showing a touch/ connection between two handpalms.